lørdag 13. juli 2013

Online Cricket Betting

Cricket has off lately gained enormous popularity in various parts of the world on account of various initiatives taken by the cricket governing body and some exciting tournaments such as Indian Premier League (IPL), the Ashes series between England and Australia, etc. As the sport becomes popular it is quite obvious that people would like to earn money by way of betting and so cricket is no exception to this.
Betting is certainly one of the easiest ways to earn money (or even moose at times) but it requires risk taking ability, experience, knowledge of the game and at times luck as well. There are different types of betting options available today such as cricket future bets, cricket prop bets, handicap betting, etc. and it is very important to be aware of these.
Betting has also become quite professional and there are various online sites which not only offer betting options but also offer insights and help in doing the right kind of betting but you have to register before you can place bets. It is important to know which type of betting will help you earn maximum (or will not have a big impact in case you end up losing).
Some of the sites are:
Ø  Ladbrokes (Ladbrokes.com)
Ø  Bet365 (www.bet365.com)
Ø  William Hill (www.Williamhill.com)
Ø  Betfair (www.betfair.com)
Ø  BetOnline (www.betonline.com)
The above sites are among the widely popular and well known ones for any kind of betting on almost any sport including cricket. Most of these sites require registration after which only you can place bets. Sites like Ladbrokes even require some amount of deposit to be maintained.
The betting odds appear on the sites in the form of fractions or decimals. The fractional odds are expressed in fractions such as 10/1 which is said as ten-to-one ratio which means if you place a bet of $1, the return would be $10 in addition to the return of the stake which means the total amount you received if you win the bet is $11. Similarly in decimals it is represented as 1.50 which means you will get $1.50 for $1 stake in addition to refund of the stake which means total receipt is $2.50 if you win.

So select the right website which suits you the most, register and place the bet carefully so that you do not risk your entire earning and at the same time it helps you to stabilize your earning.

tirsdag 21. mai 2013

Predictions for the rest of the Indian Premier League

The IPL now has entered the final stages of the competition with two expected and two unexpected teams through to the playoffs. Rajasthan Royals have made it to the final four even though their performances would have been affected due to unfair play on part of some of their players. On the other hand, Hyderabad Sunrisers have managed to make it to the playoffs in their very first year; yes this is a new team after Deccan Chargers were dissolved. It has been a dream run for them as they too almost managed to be unbeaten at home like Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai Indians.
Mumbai Indians and Chennai SuperKings have had a an easy route so to speak since they were always certain to grab one of the first four spots after the conclusion of the first half of the tournament. Chennai got off to a great start this season which was a huge advantage since they have been known to be slow starters. Also, they topped the standings for the first time in the league stage which is surprising given that they have been in the final four times and have won the tournament twice already. Mumbai Indians have managed to make it to the playoffs due to their unbeaten record even though they could only manage to win three out of their eight away matches.
The chances of Hyderabad Sunrisers are the least to lift the cup since they have not been consistent with the bat right through the tournament. Their success can be attributed to their bowlers, Dale Steyn, Ishant Sharma and Amit Mishra. They would face an uphill task against the strong batting lineup of the other three teams. If they have to bat second while chasing a stiff target, it seems unlikely to chase it down given the dire straits their batting has been in during the tournament.
Rajasthan Royals have been hit quite hard on account of the recent controversy involving spot fixing. Not only would their players be demoralized, but their team has also been weakened since they have lost two important spinners from their squad. Assuming they make it past Hyderabad Sunrisers in the Eliminator, lack of spinners could well turn out to be their downfall since the other two matches are being held in Kolkata. They need to lift their game up once again but they do have the desire to do well amidst the new found adversity that the team is facing.
Chennai Super Kings on account of being the IPL champions twice are the clear favorites since they know what has to be done in pressure matches in the knockout stage. They have a very strong team filled with good bowlers, batsmen and all-rounders. They do not lack in any department of the game so are suited to win in any condition and any ground. They would again look to Micheal Hussey to give them good starts and rely on Dhoni to finish off the match whenever needed. Raina is also a key player who can help get the trophy once again.
Lastly, let us talk about Mumbai Indians who are quite charged up to make sure that they do not leave this time without the trophy in their hands. This could also be the last IPL for the god of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, so the hunger to win the IPL this time around would be even more for the Mumbai Indians players. They have one of the best bowling attacks in the tournament without doubt so it looks like it could well be their year to win the tournament this time around. Also, they have the mental advantage since they have beaten CSK both the times in the league stage. Qualifier 1 is seen as a preview of the final match of the tournament since CSK and MI have been more consistent than the other teams. MI did not do well in their away match against Delhi, the same venue as that of Qualifier 1. But, even if they do not win in Delhi, they have a better chance of winning both games in Kolkata since they have a very good record at the ground, beating the champions KKR in the last year at their home when they looked invincible at Eden Gardens.

tirsdag 14. mai 2013

Watch Live IPL 6 matches

The sixth edition of Indian Premier League (IPL 6) is currently being played in India. The tournament will be played till May 26, 2013 and with nine teams participating and more than 75 matches will be played.
The cricket has got a new lease of life since the IPL was first introduced in 2008 and since then the sport has seen some great players emerging out of the tournament and some even went on to play for the national team of India.
More than 55 matches have been already played and the teams are now in the final stages and out of nine top four qualify for play-off stage which will be held during May 21 – 26. The two teams Chennai Super Kings (who have won the title two times) and Rajasthan Royals (who won the title in the first year) have already qualified and two spots are yet to be finalized.
This looks quite exciting and there is nothing like watching a match live, either in the stadium or in the television or on the internet through live streaming. Each match creates a different hype and it is pleasure to watch some of the great players from different countries to play in the same teams and against each other. There are some great websites which provide live streaming of the matches played and you need not even register for the same.
Some of the websites are:
Ø  The official website of IPL – www.iplt20.com which does live streaming of each and every match
Ø  www.youtube.com cannot be left out of action when we talk of live games being played in any sport anywhere in the world.
Ø  http://www.boxtv.com/ipl/ also gives you live streaming of the matches
Ø  www.watchcriclive.com/2013/ipl_live_streaming-2013-season-6.html is yet another site to watch live matches
Ø  www.live.cricket-365.tv/ is yet another option which is the site owned by Sony Entertainment Television (the official broadcaster of the tournament)
There are quite a few other sites as well but the above are among the best in showing live streaming of matches. Optionally one can also keep self updated with various web sites which provide live scores of all the matches including the official website www.iplt20.com
So do not miss the live action of the IPL and do not be upset if you are not able to watch the matches in the stadium or on the television. Just go to any of these sites, connect to the net and enjoy the excitement of cricket!

torsdag 9. mai 2013

Close race in the IPL 6

Pune Warriors India loses its 11th IPL 6 match: http://www.espncricinfo.com/indian-premier-league-2013/content/story/634910.html

The Warriors looked like they were having a fighting chance, but their batting suffered at the end, and Kolkata still clings to a hope for further advancement. Weird seeing them losing 11 matches, but somehow beating the table toppers Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals. Their fans have to endure another couple of matches before they can look forward to the IPL 7 next year and hopefully get some better results then.

As for the Rajasthan Royals, they are looking really strong at the moment, bowling and batting out of this world. Lead by Ajinkya Rahane's excellent batting, the team beat Kings XI Punjab by 8 wickets and are cruising along towards the playoffs. The only other team to beat seems to be Chennai Super Kings, but I have a small hope that the Mumbai Indians are gonna contend for the title. Let's see how it pans out for the next few days before the playoffs start. In only 2 days, the Royals and Kings are meeting up, maybe a preview of the IPL 6 finals?

It has been a great IPL so far. Too bad that some teams are so far behind others. Seems like it would have been an idea to make it two divisions or something? I don't know, I'm too spoiled being a huge NFL fan as well. Seems the playing field there with the draft-system is working a lot better. The IPL is still way ahead of the soccer leagues at least, lol.

For the rest of the group, it is going to be very tight between the three contendors in Indians, Bangalores and Sunrisers. Although Sunrisers are trailing the other two by 2 and 4 points AND have 1 less game to play, nothing is over untill it is over, still a lot to play for. Just let us hope the Mumbai Indians can secure a spot :D

tirsdag 7. mai 2013

The Pepsi IPL 6 is well underway, but people are still wanting to watch the games that are playing. That can be done easily. This year, youtube has created a dedicated page for live streaming of IPL. You can find the live stream here: http://www.youtube.com/user/indiatimes/Live

There have been several great matches played in the IPL 2013, and several more are destined to come. Do not miss it, so make sure you can watch live IPL matches at youtube. I have been using this site for the whole tournament, and it is great. I can watch it on my iPad and my phone when I am on the run, and it even changes the resolution so I can stream ok using 3G.